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There's a chasm between business and developers

Developers are generally great people who love working on hard problems. They enjoy learning new things and finding elegant technical solutions for each task they work on.

Business people love it when they see new deals being struck, increasing margins and market share.

Between these two sides, there's a chasm. Your business needs to cross it unless you want elegant technical solutions to problems nobody has or a backlog the size of a Dostoevski novel.


There are two sides to this problem:

  • developers generally chose to use cutting-edge technologies regardless of what's best for current and future business needs
  • business people think they have clear and understandable requirements, but they forget developers think in technical terms and concepts, not in business features

This can lead to working with state-of-the-art technologies that are not suited for your needs. It can also lead to great pieces of code that are of no use to your customers or stakeholders.

How to bridge this gap?

There are a few developers that understand that shipping code is not useful unless it really creates business value. They're pretty rare and generally cost a lot of money. The simpler solution is to hire a Technical Product Manager. He can help you to:

  • choose what technologies to use,
  • translate business requirements into developer speak AND
  • manage the development process so it's efficient and provides real business value

Actionable advice: either start learning about programming languages/frameworks and how to write concise user stories and use cases OR get a Technical Product Manager to do the hard work for you.
Most of the time, such a consultant is only required a few hours per week and can drastically increase your feature to code ratio.

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