product innovation.
We work with companies big and small. We've never had a customer that wasn't completely satisfied with our services. Our typical projects range from leading corporate Digital Transformation to helping Startups find the right market and build the right products on time and on budget.

Here's what our past customers had to say about our services:
"They helped me find the right concept for an online marketplace business. I’m very satisfied about the creativity and the fast delivery of an MVP."
- Bogdan Calinescu / Engie
"I had the pleasure to work with Universalabs for about a year. I highly recommend them for their technical skills and efficiency."
- Claudiu Romaniuc / Axway
"I was impressed by the strategic approach of the Universalabs team and the great communication skills. Would definitely collaborate again for future projects!"
- Bülent Duagi / MobileAcademy
"Top notch, get in touch with them now and see how they can help your business!"
- Mihai Iorgulescu / Ajusto
"Some of the smartest people I have ever worked with. No doubts: they are a great asset to any project. I highly recommend them!"
- Stefano La Porta / Oracle
"When out-of-the-box thinking is needed to save time and effort, they are there with a creative and straight to the point approach to do things differently. I highly recommend Universalabs!"
- Andrada Clontea / Microsoft
Some of the companies we've worked with during the years:

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